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Aseel Fighting Game Fowl

Aseel fighting game fowl are one of the most aggressive breeds of domestic chicken. This breed earned the reputation for being fierce fighters, even among other fighting cock breeds. The Asil is descended from the red jungle fowl of India. The males typically fight with one another until one yields, or dies.
The hens are not good layers but are excellent sitters. Laying depends on the Asil variety, the small Asil are known to be very poor layers, sometimes laying just 6 eggs a year, whereas larger Asil can lay around 40 eggs a year. Asil chicken (also spelled Aseel or Asli) is an ancient breed of chicken from India. Asil chickens are originally kept for cockfighting. The Aseel chickens are generally known to be aggressive. They were born to fight, and the fight is what they will do. Aseel chicks are known to grapple with other chicks as soon as they can, and it’s not your typical play-fighting. These early brawls could already reach a point of injuring and wounding.

While most hens are typically known to be gentler and calmer, the Aseel hens are an exception. They will fight other hens, and they won’t mind even if it has to go on for hours. Of course, the Aseel roosters are no different. It would be a bad idea to raise more than one Aseel rooster on your land as they will fight to the death. The Aseel chicken is a bird that was born to fight. More likely than not, you’ve never seen a chicken as dedicated to its purpose as these guys. Roosters will go at it with other roosters, hens will attack other hens, and even chicks will brawl with other chicks!
The popular varieties of Aseel are, Peela (Golden red), Yakub (Black and red), Nuri (White), Kagar (Black), Chitta (Black and white spotted), Java (Black), Sabja (White and golden or black with yellow or silver), Teekar (brown) and Reza (light red).
Pea comb, bright red wattle, and ear lobes, long neck, and strong legs

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